We aim to act as change agents, developing leaders that will have the self-mastery, business and leadership skills that would empower them to thrive.  We strive to provide participants with a wide range of learning opportunities, support programs and career development. Applied knowledge and practical implementation is key in all our programs.

“Knowledge isn’t power, Applied knowledge is power”  Eric Thomas    

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“Every young leader needs a support network”


Development Life-Cycle

LSMI has forged strategic partnerships globally that deliver special developmental programs at every stage of our Five Stage Leadership Life-Cycle Development Framework. Our partners are carefully selected to ensure that participants receive superior service. Our  LSMI Leadership Team, ambassadors, coaches and partners strive to demonstrate leadership and lead by example.   
“True leaders don’t create followers,
They create more LEADERS”  

Past Events

I Can 4 IR 20th Annual Summit


Today, leaders need to deal with unprecedented changes and an unpredictable and challenging future. Leadership will play a critical role in preparing their countries, organisations and citizens for the Digital Economy. Leaders will have to create and show the way forward amid transitions, disruptions, chaos and ambiguity.

Inspire, Energize and Lead

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What Participants Are Saying

“I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you. It has been a privilege to be a part of YouthMax, now LSMI. The inspiration is daily, I have always found value in your messages, videos, books, like you know what I need, at that present time.” 

Olja Itov (SA)

“A pleasure and a privilege to have met Zunaid in both business and social environments. A man of vision and wisdom with a passionate appetite to make this world a better place. A leader by example” 

Leon Potgieter (UAE)

“Your contribution to my psychosocial development belies the short period I have been part of your network. Thank You !”

Lebo Mosiah

The inspiration shared on the YouthMax forum, now LSMI

YouthMax - LSMI

“During my short time working with LSMI, myself and my company were better able to identify our goals and priorities through the techniques shared by them. It has been a pleasure to be coached by LSMI and we look forward to continuing the journey.” 

Melany Sonia Pugin

MD, Haniel Travels Solutions

“LSMI has connected leaders globally and locally. This has housed opportunity for me to meet new mentors, business partners and friendships. With so much out there and so many experts, this forum has also taught me to reimagine how I learn and challenge my diverse thinking to soar unimaginable heights.” 

Shaunique Tasmin Marian (SA)

The Team


Zunaid Mohidin

Zunaid Mohidin

Seasoned Executive, with over 28 years of experience in the ICT sector. His passion is youth and leadership development and aims to use this institute to empower the next generation of leaders. Transforming leaders and businesses to succeed in a digital economy is his mission. 

Angelo Keyahas

Angelo Keyahas

Angelo is a Public and Key Note Speaker, a Business, Executive and Leadership Coach.He is certified as a Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner. Angelo is CEO of IMCSA, Academic Fellow of ICMCI, an an Entrepreneur. 

Nazly Mayet

Nazly Mayet

Founder and Managing Executive at USSP (United and Share for Peace and Prosperity). Nazly held International SAP Project Management Roles at SAP Germany and Asia. She lives to make a difference in communities of need, passionate about woman and youth empowerment. Ensuring that all business operations are effective, efficient and deliver superior value is her mission.  

Estelle Jali

Estelle Jali

Estelle is an exceptional young graduate and  leader that thrived in the Banking Sector over the past five years. Operational efficiency and innovation is close to her heart. Driving our Youth cluster, helping other youth in their early careers, as they transition from school to University, and into the workplace is her mission.    

Chantel Marchant

Chantel Marchant

Chantal has held senior leadership roles in Finance across various sectors. Sound financial management, as well as business efficiency is her core focus and passion. Chantel believes that we find meaning in life as we lift others. Financial literacy programs for our participants, and ensuring sound financial practices for LSMI will be her mission. 

“Let’s Make A Difference”

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